Closing Doors

When I look back over the past months of this blog, I can see that this impending moment is glaringly obvious.  An internal shift has occurred, a refocusing of my direction in life and my wants and desires are translated into the nebulous and inconsistent subject matter of my recent posts.  A door is closing and I accept it with grace and happiness. I reach for a handle of a new one and walk through the doorway into what is unknown. 

Cocoa & Chanel has been a wonderful part of my life, a safe space for me to practice my writing, improve my photography, and share my thoughts.  However, it is time for Cocoa & Chanel to be placed in a box with its name on the lid.  It will be stored away and remembered often as a wonderful project that helped shape who I am today.


This decision may seem sudden, but I have a long list of reasons that have been mulled over for a few months now.  The biggest struggle was admitting what I already knew to myself  – it is time to move on.  Cocoa & Chanel is ending on a high note, with lots of love in my heart.  Some things are better ended this way, before they become exhausted and loathed.  I have put a lot of my soul into this project, it will be missed, but I know this decision is for the better.

Ellis Island

This won’t be the last thing you read of mine, however.  I love writing and therefore, I do enjoy blogging.  I am always scribbling on something and my head filled with ideas that can only be released through pen and paper.  I may blog again one day, with a more poignant purpose and subject matter.  Perhaps I’ll finally finish one of those novels I’ve started, but never ended.  Maybe I’ll get an article or two published.  You never know what the future will hold – that is what makes life so tantalizing and exciting.


I thank you, my few and dear readers, from the bottom of my heart for your constant encouragement and enthusiasm.  I hope Cocoa & Chanel will be as fond a memory for you as much as it has been for me.

May you continue to pursue a life of little pleasures,


P.S.  I will leave the posts up until July 2013.  This will give you plenty of time to collect any recipes or ideas before the pages are gone for good.